Global Matters Weekly – 13 February 2023

Love Actually? Disappointment, actually

by Lorenzo La Posta, CFA — Portfolio Manager

— At times great companies might not be great investments

A few weeks ago, during the Christmas period, I treated myself to the ideal night in. I was sat on my comfy sofa, blanket on my legs, my girlfriend by my side, hot chocolate in one hand, and TV remote in the other. The lights from the Christmas tree were too bright to enjoy a proper televised experience, but that didn’t bother me.

Market Snapshot

    • Global equities fell 1.3% last week
    • Three Unidentified Flying Objects were downed over North America
    • Brent crude rose 8.1% last week to $86.39 a barrel
    • Gold was flat at $1865.57 per ounce last week