About Helicon Services

Within Helicon, Imperium Capital’s on-line portfolio aggregation system, we offer two levels of service: Helicon, and Helicon Plus. Helicon gives clients the ability to monitor their portfolios on an “as-of-last night” basis. Whilst minute-by-minute or second-by-second transactions are not visible, clients are able to benefit from viewing daily changes in their balance sheet.

With Helicon Plus, our add-on services to the basic Helicon system, extra analytical data is designed to help the strategic management of a client’s portfolio. Features include on-line valuations, risk analysis, fund fact sheets and various charts to assist in strategic portfolio decisions.

Helicon is part of the Imperium Capital’s service promise in which all of our clients can participate and benefit from 24 hours a day, seven days a week valuations. It’s smart, easy, and free to use as long as clients hold a policy with Imperium Capital. Helicon also allows a level of electronic “relationship management” in which clients can book meetings with their consultant and have any questions or queries answered directly.
In addition to the basic level Helicon (on-line valuations), Helicon Plus Offers basic analytical information and access to fund fact sheets, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of a client’s overall balance sheet.