Taking Risk - Our Approach to Satellite Funds

Imperium Capital’s approach to providing effective investment strategies for its clients leans heavily on a “Core-Satellite” philosophy. Having established an investor’s attitude to risk (e.g. cautious, balanced, growth or high growth), the problem of selecting appropriate funds, whilst still allowing the investor to add his own personal input, is relatively easy using this approach.

What Are Satellite Funds?

These can cover any type of asset that the investor and his adviser deems appropriate and complementary to the core funds. Typically, they can include:

  • Equity Funds
    In specific areas that may not be covered by core multi-manager funds (e.g. small cap US equity, environmentally friendly funds, high risks regions such as Africa, Mongolia, Iraq etc.)
  • Hedge Funds
    And other alternative funds (e.g. asset backed lending funds, market neutral etc.)
  • Corporate Fixed Interest, High Yield And Emerging Market Debt Funds
  • Gold And Other Commodity Funds

Please Note:
The full “Core and Satellite” investment thinking can be viewed under “Managing Risk”: “The Core” Funds and Multi – Asset Managers are also described in the “Managing Risk Section” The Satellite funds represent “Non–Core” Selections.

Examples :

Sanlam Managed Risk Fund

Sanlam Managed Risk Fund


Newscape – New Perspective Emerging Market Income Fund