25 years meeting your Wealth Management & Financial Planning needs

Appropriate preparation and planning are key to reducing risk and increasing the chances of success. Wealth Management & Financial Planning for expatriates is no exception.

At Imperium Capital Ltd. our role is to help you think ahead – to provide guidance and support, to make sure you are heading in the right direction and to ensure you understand any and all implications based on our pertinent knowledge and experience.

To provide successful, independent advice requires high levels of professional integrity. When a client puts trust in professional advice, then integrity has to be the corner-stone of future business dealings. Certainly, this is the case with us in regard to our advice on all aspects of your financial planning.

Outside our SE Asian bases of  Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, we have established links over many years with associates in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia, and UK. This gives us a strong geographical platform and allows us to keep abreast of the numerous and varied types of investments, plus – any new opportunities that come regionally to the market.

Profiling our extensive client base helps determine which of these opportunities may be of interest to you. This approach helps us provide you with a continuous development of your Wealth Management & Financial Planning program, and ensures we keep you up-to-date with all relevant opportunities.