Sanlam Managed Risk Fund

The Sanlam Managed Risk (SMR) UCITS fund is delivered through a collaboration between Sanlam and Milliman:

  • Sanlam – Founded in 1918, a diversified financial services group with 17,000 employees worldwide, AA- rated by Fitch, listed with $11 billion market cap, $50 billion AUM
  • Milliman Financial Risk Management – Founded in 1998, a global leader in financial risk management (FRM), provides FRM services to 42 of the top 50 insurers, $190 billion AUM in this strategy.

A Next Generation Multi-Asset solution to help diversify your Balanced/Multi-Asset fund manager risk.

Aims to provide a return similar to long-term equity returns over a market cycle with 10% volatility.

Systematic investment process, utilising passive equity for growth and a progressive risk management strategy that is negatively correlated to equities.

Reasons why:

  • Strong & highly rated parent company (AA- Fitch).
  • Significantly low AMC/TER differential (0.09% p/a).
  • No human emotion (Systematic investment process).
  • No key-man risk (Systematic).
  • Not at risk of bond bear market (Holds no bonds).
  • Designed with the objective to outperform its peer group over a bull market, bear market and market cycle.
  • Portfolio risk management strategy negatively correlated to equities.
  • Highly flexible (10-90% equity range).
  • Always less risk than equities.
  • UCITS with totally transparent portfolio (<20 holdings) and daily liquid at NAV.