Corporate Employee Benefits

Tailor Made Solutions For End Of Service Benefit (Esob) Provident Funds And Group Personal Pensions

Whether you are an employer of a blue chip company or a SME, you have a simple business need to address: ie you want to provide your employees with valued employee benefits on a cost effective basis. In doing this, you gain a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the best people whilst controlling costs and streamlining administration.

That’s where Imperium Capital’s Corporate and Employee Benefits division can help with a bouquet of benefits programmes designed to fit in with employers business goals while improving employees’ satisfaction and overall health and welfare. We specialise in tailor-made solutions for:

Group Medical And Life Insurance

Keeping employees healthy and giving them the options to prevent illness as well as peace of mind when illness strikes is an essential part of an employer’s reward package and we’ve a range of Medical Insurance solutions for all sizes of business. Critical Illness Cover offers lump or incremental income replacement payments should an employee become sick or unfit for work through injury or disability. Life Insurance gives employees peace of mind that their loved ones will be helped financially in the event of their death.

Corporate Savings And Pensions

There are clear benefits to providing your employees with access to a Group Pension Plan and many offshore companies are heading towards this option in readiness for a time that the traditional End Of Service Gratuity schemes (see below) may be phased out. By making a commitment to contribute to employee’s retirement savings, companies are more liable to recruit and retain a higher calibre of staff with increased levels of loyalty and satisfaction as well as promoting a solid reputation as a fair employer within their industry.

End Of Service Schemes

Many employees in South East Asia are currently entitled to receive an ‘end of service’ gratuity upon leaving, or being terminated from, their position of employment. How much they receive depends on their number of years service and their final salary. This cost can be problematic for employers as it creates many unknowns for the company balance sheet. Imperium Capital’s End of Service solutions helps you carefully structure your gratuity fund, offering ways to mitigate liabilities in a cost-effective manner.