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Its Boom Time Again

After an engaging and drama-filled election season in Indonesia, we’re not far off from everything settling down and plans being put into action – and there’s a LOT of plans.

I’m not just referring to plans of the President-elect either. For many businesses (both domestic and international), the main issue wasn’t actually who won (although many had a strong preference), it was more about stability – politically, socially, and economically.More

Lost Touch With Your Adviser?

A close friend who has been in the business of selling investments and insurances in Malaysia for over 25 years once told me “The Salesman is always there when he needs you, but will he be for there for you when you need him?”

While my friend advises within the still very infant Malaysian market where the public are still very much sold an investment or policy, his words started to ring true to me about where the Financial Planning industry has come from; and indeed going too within the developed and regulated world.More