Global Matters Weekly – 10 August 2020

Safe Hands for Troubled Times
by Robert White, CFA

In a world where unprecedented events seem to be happening with regular occurrence, it is more important than ever to find stewards of capital with the talent, temperament and expertise to navigate through such uncertain times. This is no easy task and recent studies have reminded us that past performance in isolation is not a sufficient guide. Here at Momentum, we believe the key lies in thorough due diligence backed by an experienced and independent research team.

Market Snapshot

  • The tech rift between the US and China intensified last week.
  • A positive week for markets as global equities rose 2.2%.
  • Brent crude rose 2.5% ending the week at $44.4 a barrel.
  • Gold rose 3.0% to $2035.5 an ounce