Global Matters Weekly – 9 January 2023

Divine inspiration

by Alex Harvery — Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist

— On a brighter note, and with Janus looking forward, 2023 presents us with a fuller palette of investment opportunities than we’ve seen for some years

The month of January takes its name from the Roman god Janus, whose two opposing faces depict duality and transition, endings, and new beginnings. This god of gateways looks both backward and forward, and if ever there was a January to excite him (he is generally depicted with a beard), then this is surely it.

Market Snapshot

    • Global equities returned 1.8% last week
    • Most World indices saw positive returns to start the new year
    • Brent crude fell 8.5% to $78.57 per barrel
    • Gold rose 2.3% to $1865.69 per ounce