Global Matters Weekly – 27 June 2022

Inflationary pressures

by Jackson Franks

With the construction industry under significant pressure, current asset owners may be the beneficiaries. Due to the ever-rising costs in developing a new asset, the new supply coming to the market is minimal. Berkley Group, one of the UK’s largest home builders, recently announced that the number of new homes being built in London could halve in the coming years because of these rising costs. With a lack of new supply entering the market, competition for existing space may intensify, enabling landlords to take advantage as supply and demand dynamics shift across sub-sectors.

Market Snapshot

  • Global equities fell 2.0% last week
  • The World Bank became the latest body to downgrade their global growth forecast and openly warned about the risk of stagflation, now projecting a 2.9% rise in GDP for 2022 compared to a 4.1% estimate in January
  • Brent crude rose 2.8% to $123.1 a barrel
  • Gold fell 0.1% to $1848.8 per ounce.