Global Matters Weekly – 25 April 2022

Investing goals

by Stephen Nguyen, CFA

As an avid sports fan, I have always enjoyed being involved in all things sports related. Having participated in various team-based and individual sports throughout my life, I of course enjoy watching a variety of different sports, be it golf, tennis, or football. Sporting events often bring people together and teach us the importance of values and hard work. If we look at successful sports teams or individuals, there are lots of similarities that can be drawn between them and professional investors

Market Snapshot

  • Global equities declined 2.6% last week
  • Lockdown restrictions widen in China as concerns escalate in the capital Beijing
  • Brent crude fell 4.5% to 1067 a barrel amid concerns about China’s demand and after Libya said it would resume output at its closed fields in the coming days
  • Gold fell by 0.2% to $1,931.6 per ounce