Global Matters Weekly – 23 January 2023

No stress

by Matt Connor — Investment Analyst

— Heightened emotions often cloud judgement and can lead to irrational decision making.

I have recently returned from a holiday to Cape Verde, where the country’s motto of “No Stress” suits the tropical island lifestyle. After returning to (a much colder) reality it has dawned on me that investors ought to take a leaf out of the Cape Verdean’s book and try not to stress and act in haste when making investment decisions.

Market Snapshot

    • Global equities fell 0.4% last week
    • A mixed week for major indices: the European Central Bank indicated it intends to hike interest rates and there are recession fears in the US, however, there were some positive returns in Asia
    • Brent crude rose 2.8% to $87.63 a barrel
    • Gold rose 0.3% to $1926.08 per ounce