Global Matters Weekly – 2 March 2020

Breathe, think, act
by Lorenzo La Posta

When markets panic, the only investment mantra I believe in is “breathe, think, act”. Sell-offs can provide fantastic buying opportunities, but elevated risks often accompany them. After last week’s sharp drop in global equities, is this now a good entry point or is this a falling knife we do not want to catch? Are markets overly worried about coronavirus or are more negative prospects not yet priced in? We believe that, at these levels, risk assets offer attractive long-term expected returns, but more volatility is likely to come.

Market Snapshot

  • Rising COVID-19 fears caused the fastest market correction in history
  • Global markets declined 10.8% over the past week
  • Brent crude fell 13.6% ending the week at $50.5 a barrel
  • Gold fell 3.5% ending the week at $1585.7 an ounce