Imperium Capital Publication

Viewpoint – December 2016

A year that witnessed political power ebb away from centrist politics and towards fringe populism and nationalistic ideologies culminated in the election of Donald Trump – the Republican Party’s far-right, nationalistic, anti-trade and immigration, property mogul nominee. His triumph over Democrat Hilary Clinton, who many saw as the encapsulation of the political establishment, reflected the electorate’s disenchantment with such politicians and the inequality that has resulted from their pro-trade and immigration policies of the past decade.

Viewpoint – November 2016

Throughout October, all eyes were on the build-up to the US election. Markets broadly followed the ebbs and flows of each candidate’s campaign momentum. As such the announcement that the FBI was to re- open its investigation into then candidate Hillary Clinton’s email account led to a wave of risk adverseness and portfolio hedging throughout global markets. The S&P 500 index lost 1.9% over the month, whilst European stocks lost 1.0%.