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Weekly Digest – 13 August 2017

  • Oil prices finished the week -0.6% with Brent standing at USD 51.8
  • Gold was up 2.4% and silver was up 4.9% on the week
  • Global government bond yields continue to fall
  • Bitcoin breaks the $4000 barrier
  • Global markets react to rising tensions between US and North Korea

Weekly Digest – 30 July 2017

  • US GDP growth rebounds from disappointing Q1 growth
  • Federal Reserve indicates imminent balance sheet normalisation
  • US Senate begins healthcare legislation debate
  • Brent crude rises 9.3% following Saudi export cuts
  • Greece returns to the sovereign debt market after three year hiatus

Weekly Digest – 23 July 2017

  • US equities advance to all-time highs
  • Bank of Japan revises inflation target deadline
  • Euro surges 1.8% versus US Dollar, spurred by ECB meeting
  • US Healthcare reforms quashed by lack of congressional support
  • US Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns

Weekly Digest – 16 July 2017

  • Oil prices rose 4.7% on the week with Brent standing at USD49 a barrel
  • Gold rose 1.4% to 1228.5
  • MSCI All-Country World Index set an all-time high for the week closing at 473.78
  • More evidence of strength in the global jobs market


Weekly Digest – 9 July 2017

  • Oil prices declined just over 2.5% last week
  • Drop in global government bonds accelerated
  • G20 summit shows the divide between the US and others
  • UN security council hold an emergency session in response to North Korea
  • Global stocks jumped and are still at near record high


Weekly Digest – 2 July 2017

  • Oil prices climb around 5% last week
  • Volatility makes a comeback moving to 10.9 on the VIX index
  • Global equities trading near record highs
  • Technology stocks under pressure with continued sell offs
  • Central banks adopt a hawkish tone  around fiscal tightening


Weekly Digest – 18 June 2017

  • UK and US inflation figures miss expectations
  • Federal Reserve increases Funds rate
  • US economic data softer than expected
  • Bank of England votes 5-3 to hold the base rate
  • French party En Marche! secure convincing parliamentary majority

Weekly Digest – 11 June 2017

  • Conservatives fall short of majority in UK election
  • ECB revises core inflation and growth forecasts
  • Limited market response to Comey testimony
  • Strong US economic data reaffirms rate hike expectations
  • US responds to Qatar and Gulf diplomatic crisis

Weekly Digest – 04 June 2017

  • Equities higher with volatility falling
  • Bond markets rise after muted inflation data
  • UK polls indicate tight race ahead of Thursday’s election
  • US May payrolls report disappoints
  • Trump takes US out of Paris Climate Accord