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Articles Index

Below you can find our most recent articles. More will be added on a regular basis. If you want to search the whole database of articles, click here.
Traded Endowment Policies
A Traded Endowment Policy ('TEP') is a life assurance policy traded on the open market. They are usually sold by the original policyholder when no longer required. For example, a...[more]
Sustainability Investing
Most investors seek adequate and secure financial returns. However, there is an increasing number of investors also concerned with sustainability investing. That is, selecting in...[more]
Purchasing Property in the UK
After deciding upon the desired property, an individual can determine how much money is needed to borrow and how much is available for a deposit. Different types of mortgage are ...[more]
Offshore Financial Centres
The use of recognized offshore financial centers, or tax havens, amplifies investment benefits. Offshore centers provide financial institutions with a location in which they are n...[more]
Money Funds (Cash Management Trusts)
A money fund is a unit trust or "pooled" investment where a number of investors' money is aggregated in order to benefit from higher rates of deposit. The fund is able to use its ...[more]
The Mandatory Provident Fund
As of 1st December 2000, the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) system requires all employers and self-employed people in Hong Kong to establish a MPF scheme for their employees or the...[more]
Life Assurance Provisions
Clients intending to marry will probably require some level of life cover, for untimely death or permanent disability. Currently, life cover is available in a number of different ...[more]
Japan Taxes
Residents of Japan, or individuals residing in Japan for one year or more, are either classified as Non-Permanent Residents (an individual residing in Japan for five years or less)...[more]

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