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"Change the Currency of your aggregated valuation"
Balance Sheet Real Estate Portfolios Schemes Protection Trading Bank Accounts

Balance Sheet

Investments grouped by Sector Investments grouped by Currency
Assets USD % Allocation
Real Estate 984,080
Portfolios 3,895,535 77.22
Schemes 164,920 3.27
Trading Nil Nil
Bank Accounts Nil Nil
Total Assets: 5,044,535 100.00

Liabilities USD  
Real Estate 239,371  
Other Liabilities Nil  
Bank Accounts Nil  
Total: 239,371  
Net Asset Value: 4,805,164  

Total Assets

Please note this report shows only the indication of the market value of your investments and holdings, and simple performance data. It is not intended to show the current redemption value. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this information, no responsibility can be accepted for errors of fact or omission.

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