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My Watch List

In this section a Global watch list can be created that allows you to monitor the daily price of up to 12 investments.These are not limited to a single market or to a certain type of asset.

Search for the investment using up to four key words in the box below and click on Add to include them in your list, they may be deleted or changed at any time.

Search tips and further instructions can be found by clicking on HELP

Data sources Relative performance of holdings
"The name of the investment in the watch list"
"The current market price per unit of the investment, in investment currency"
"The date on which the market price was recorded"

Investments that cannot be found may be requested HERE

Please note this report shows only the latest price for an investment that is available to NAV Limited. It should not be use as a basis for either the purchase or sale of investments. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this information, no responsibility can be accepted for errors of fact or omission.

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