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[This is a non-functional demo. Proceed through it by pressing the buttons at the bottom of each page. You may change the data if you wish, but it won't affect subsequent pages.]

Welcome to the NAV Will Generator. Before you use it, you must have completed the following steps. The words 'you', 'your' etc are used to refer to the person completing the will, and additionally yourself, if you are completing the will on someone else's behalf.

  1. Make sure you have read and understand the preliminary considerations, which explain the nature, scope and limitations of the NAV will. You must make sure that the NAV Will is suitable for your purposes.

  2. Make sure you have collected together all the information you require to complete the Will. You can find the checklist here

  3. Make sure you have read the Guide to Filling out Your NAV Will. If this is the first time you have completed an NAV online will, you will probably want to print out a copy for reference while you are filling out the forms.
You can download all three documents in a zip file here.

When you proceed beyond this point, you must provide a few personal details, and will then passed to our Payment Gateway to submit your credit card details. The credit card will be charged with the agreed fee of USD 200, and then you will be passed to the Online Will Generator. Refunds will be given at the discretion of NAV Limited.

After filling out the information -- this should take 10-20 minutes -- the will is sent to NAV for processing before being returned to the email address you specify, so that you can review it. In most cases you will receive the processed will within 24 hours. If you wish to make substantial changes to the will after it has been created, it should be altered by a qualified lawyer, who may charge you an additional fee.

If you are sure you want to continue, and the client has gathered all the required information, type in the client's ID and Client Number exactly as they appear in your NAV desktop software. The number will start with the letters DEM. If the client is not in the NAV system, leave both fields blank. Press the button below to proceed.

Client ID:
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